Your financial goals are our number-one priority.

With us, it is personal. We support your journey and continually seek ways to help along your path toward your destination.

On the road of life, many adventures await you.
Save for a rainy day. Plan for the sunny ones.
Long-term success is built on a neverending desire to improve.
Banking shouldn't be like pulling teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are able to keep track of your balance by utilizing our Automated Telephone Banking System, eBanking, or Mobile eBanking using the app on your phone or mobile device.

The current balance on your account is the balance from the close of business the previous day. It is the balance that we start with at the beginning of the business day. The available balance is what is actually available for withdrawal in your account. It takes into account any pending deposits or credits you may have as well as any holds/floats on the account. The available balance is always the balance that you want to use when using the funds in your account.

Your account is overdrawn because an item(s) was presented to your account and your balance was not sufficient to cover these charges. Please contact our First Bank Service Center at 1-800-760-2265 option 2 for more specific assistance regarding your overdrawn account.