Mobile Deposit

Picture a faster way to bank your checks
  • Make easy deposits with smartphone cameras.
  • Avoid extra trips to the bank.
  • Get quicker access to your money.

It's a snap to deposit your paycheck. 

Standing in line is no longer necessary when depositing most domestic checks.

With a couple clicks of a mobile device camera, you capture check images and fast-track funds into First Bank accounts. That means quicker access to money when you need it.

  • Deposit checks from anywhere. 
  • Start by signing up for eBanking and downloading our free app. 
  • Use the mobile app with most Apple and Android devices.
  • Accepts most domestic checks, including payroll, business, and personal checks from friends and family
  • Receive email confirmation when your check has been received and accepted.
  • Avoid bank fees when using Mobile Deposit. Messaging and data rates may apply.